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We introduce advisors who ensure your SIPP is fit for purpose.

Put simply, a Self invested Personal Pension Plan or SIPP is a personal pension plan which provides more individual control through greater flexibility and increased investment choices. Whether you’re looking to review your existing arrangement or set up a new SIPP, we have a qualified professional SIPP advisor for you.

How do I maximise my SIPP investment?

A specialist SIPP advisor will take the time to ensure no stone is left unturned and along with the following factors will help you to consider what’s important:

Begin by exploring your purpose in having a SIPP! For example, having access to a wider selection of investment choices through a SIPP is no good if you don’t use them.

Your number of years or term to retirement should greatly influence your investment strategy and the content of the portfolio contained within the SIPP. Your advisor can help you understand the impact of years to retirement as well as the corrosive effects of inflation.

Discuss your risk profile with your advisor before purchasing your SIPP investments. Taking a more cautious approach may require you to work a year longer while being too adventurous might mean never retiring at all.

Performance and performance reviews as with any pension remains a vital ingredient. If your SIPP underperforms you will need to either alter your investment strategy or increase contribution levels. A SIPP advisor can provide updates and recommend strategies that are designed to keep you on track.

All SIPPs receive the same favourable taxation treatment on contributions, provided you and your trustee operate within the HMRC guidelines. Failure to comply with the guidelines including investment in to unauthorised assets and can lead to significant taxation consequences.

Charges in your SIPP can be as a transaction cost (buying and selling shares), as a fixed amount, a percentage of the asset value or both. Take time to explore the charges with your advisor who will be able to pinpoint the best charging structure for you

Choosing your Trustees can take time because every trustee operates slightly differently. Their rigidity or flexibility will influence your SIPP’s ability to invest more widely into areas like private equity or individual share purchase. Specialist SIPP advisors will have a practical working knowledge and will often be on first name terms with trustees.


The Cost of good SIPP advice:

Good SIPP advice and paying for it should really be viewed as a worthwhile investment that keeps you on track with your retirement planning goals. There is a cost of not taking advice and who knows what that disaster fund could amount to as well as a cost for advice which will be disclosed to you by your SIPP advisor.

The best SIPP advisors will save you more than they would even cost over the term to retirement when combining improved investment performance and reduced costs.

You are really investing in a professional who will tell you directly the way it is, pointing out in good times that you can have a contribution holiday and conversely telling you to put more money in when performance is lacking.

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The SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension) has caused quite a stir since it has become available. The benefits of SIPPS are manifold. For a start, would-be investors have a range of choices when it comes to investments. While regular investing is accompanied by taxation, those investing in SIPPS are offered sizeable tax relief.