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Summary and Popularity of Site

Redherring is a magazine for professional investors and this website is designed for those individuals featuring news and reviews on a variety of financial markets as well as technology and research. It is ranked just outside the top 80,000 most viewed sites in the world which is a fair achievement for a specialised site*.


Site Design


The homepage has a very plain appearance, but it’s also very neat. The main stories are placed in a row on the left hand side, while on the right there are blogs. The sub-sections on top are again neatly divided into categories such as news, blog and events which in turn are neatly sub-divided again into top stories, finance and internet.


The description of the site states that is focuses on investors and this is clear from the articles. Visitors find out news about investors spending $110 million on a certain company and another which chronicles the story of the Blue Mars Creator who landed $4.2 million in funding from wealthy investors. These entrepreneurs need up to date information on sectors such as technology, and redherring doesn’t disappoint on this front. There is also an entire section dedicated to Cleantech which shows the importance of green energy in the market.




Investors are busy people and don’t have time to while away hours browsing through various stories before coming to something relevant to their industry. Redherring is experienced in the field of investment and knows this, which is why their site is so well divided into disparate sections so that visitors can log in, see what they need, read about it, and act upon the new information.


Positives and Summary


These articles are not for the casual reader. They are laden with investment laden terminology, as well as numerous statistics pertaining to global markets. Investors need to know their figures before they can even consider putting a large sum of money into a company. Redherring is designed for those willing to risk money in new companies, as well as ones that are performing well. This doesn’t mean that non-investors should steer clear. However, if you don’t have a least a minor interest in companies and their workings, then this site isn’t for you.



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