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Summary and Popularity of Site

Yahoo is one of the world’s premier search engines and is naturally one of the most visited sites in the world being ranked number 4 overall and showing no signs of relinquishing its lofty position*.They take advantage of all the traffic that comes through their site by giving out advice to would be investors and experienced financial minds alike.

Site Design

It does its best to resemble a genuine financial site with a host of charts and figures adorning the entire left hand side of the page. The right hand side contains video links and mortgage rates while their main stories are situated dead centre. Unlike a variety of other financial websites, Yahoo! manage to incorporate a wealth of information in their homepage without looking messy or disorganised.

Unsurprisingly, Yahoo! does not restrict itself to one demographic, sex or investor level. Instead it tries to cater for as many diverse groups as it can. Their lofty world standing proves that they have the enviable ability to please vast groups of people with differing interests in their other ventures. There are graphs, statistics and up to date news stories for the serious financial mind, advice on Social Security for couples and general news stories for everyone else.


The aforementioned layout makes the site very easy to navigate and the stories have clear headlines. All their main sections show subsections when you hover above them. Regardless of what you’re looking for, you are likely to find it quite quickly on here and even inexperienced computer users should have little difficulty finding what they need on this site.

Positives and Summary

The financial articles quickly become too complex for the casual reader with algorithms and interest rates becoming the order of the day. However, the general interest stories are clear and easy to read. Again, this shows Yahoo’s flexibility, the serious investors will appreciate the detailed discussions while other stories are geared towards those who are not financially minded but have happened upon the site and it’s not like Yahoo! to turn away visitors!

Overall, this up to the minute site tries to cater for all, but bear in mind that it’s a finance site first and foremost.