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Summary and Popularity of Site

The World Bank Group’s website claims to provide news and events with careful analysis with a regional overview. It covers initiatives, development topics and has an array of data & statistics. It is ranked just outside the top 6,000 sites with the most traffic in the world*.

Site Design

The home page is kept relatively simple with almost all the information visible without the need for scrolling down. It is quite a colourful page with a features section that moves from page to page automatically covering stories about people from the poorest countries in the world. It is a little bit messy, but as they keep the amount of visible information to a minimum, it isn’t as distracting as other websites.


The World Bank Group is a family of five organizations that gives leveraged loans to some of the poorest countries in the world. This site is geared towards anyone who has an interest in helping the poor. It has pages for potential investors who wish to alleviate some of the problems that these countries have. There is also a section for those seeking to assist the World Bank in their work. It also has a special section for visitors who are new to the site and gives valuable information to those wish to know more about the World Bank and the work it does.

Positives and Summary

Although the homepage could be tidied up a small bit, it is relatively easy to find something that you need. The sections for investors, newcomers and businesses are clearly marked and it also gives out clear information about the time and location of their next conferences.

The articles are designed to provide an inducement for investors and other such people to act and help the World Bank on their mission. They give no nonsense factual information about the plight of countries like Zambia and explains what is happening to places like this right now, and what can be done if a little money gets invested. The site succeeds in its task of educating those who are unaware of the conditions in other countries, and hopefully investors who visit the site will take note and act accordingly.

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