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Summary and Popularity of Site

Which? is a magazine that caters for consumers, giving them advice on the best offers around whilst protecting them from dubious companies. It offers content from its various magazines but some of the content is available only to subscribers. It is ranked inside the top 15,000 most viewed sites in the world and is also within the top 600 most viewed in the UK*.

Site Design

The homepage maintains that this site has no bias, no hidden agenda and contains no advertising. The advice section is at the bottom left of the page and contains guides in a whole variety of areas such as staying healthy, holiday tips and making the most of your money. There is also a review of the latest mobile broadband packages and coffee machine brands amongst other things. There are also links to their magazines as well as links to thousands of products that are independently tested by Which? experts.


For the purposes of this review, it is best to delve into their money section. This section is huge with articles on mortgages, tax, insurance and pensions. Their pensions section promises to show you how to save as well as information about how much you will get from the state. There is advice available on: planning your retirement, writing a will and explanations of annuities.

Positives and Summary

When you go into the retirement page, you will find various articles telling you how to make your pension years comfortable because the £90 a week that the state hands out isn’t nearly enough. The article on how to bridge the gap between the income you want in your pension and the income the state gives you is extremely helpful. It is written very clearly which is a feature of all articles on this site. It talks about the pros and cons of personal pensions which you may need to look at if your company doesn’t offer a pension scheme. There is also advice on Individual Savings Accounts (Isas) and property investment. When you consider the state that the housing market is right now, perhaps purchasing a property is an option if you have the money available.

This site really does have articles and advice to suit all consumer’s needs and the pension section offers great advice to those worried about how they are going to survive financially after they retire.