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Summary and Popularity of Site

Share Centre is an independent UK stockbroker which offers online order placement and portfolio management. Basically, you get online share-dealing and there is also a share price estimator available. It is ranked just outside the top 75,000 most visited sites in the world, but is more popular in the UK where it is inside the top 4,000 most viewed sites*.

Site Design

Refreshingly, the homepage doesn’t attempt to bombard you with facts and figures regarding the world’s stock markets. You have a couple of main choices such as Learn about Investing, Our Services and Research the Markets. You also have the option to open an account on this site, with a host of account types available including, a Share Account, Trust Fund or Pension.


When you click on the Pension section, you are given a range of options, notably reasons why you will benefit from a Stakeholder Pension. These pensions allow you save even if you’re not working, they have to meet government standards which ensure that they offer value for money and you get to choose just how much you want to place in the pension with no penalties incurred if you miss a payment. There is also a link to their advice team if you are looking for investments that would best suit your pension.

Positives and Summary

The information is very easy to find even though the amount of information available is far greater than you would have guessed from the homepage. The site gives a clear look at the world of investing, helping visitors by explaining the different types of shares and what these shares can do for them in simple, yet informative language. If you go to the Research the Markets section, you will find today’s major stock market figures as well as advice on picking an investment.

For anyone who is looking to invest more for the future, perhaps a nest egg to supplement any pension you receive, then this is an excellent site to visit. It is designed for newcomers to the market and will help you choose the right options by giving you easy to understand, step-by-step advice. Rather than dive headlong into a complicated stock exchange site, go here instead to give you the experience you need.