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Summary and Popularity of Site

The Motley Fool is a financial-services company that uses multimedia to provide financial solutions to investors through a variety of stock, investing and personal finance products. It is ranked just outside the top 20,000 most visited sites in the world, but it is very popular in the UK, where it is in the top 800*.

Site Design

The homepage is a colourful affair with market chart information greeting visitors. They have their headline stories on the left hand side of the page and proudly display their superior knowledge over S&P 500 in terms of % earned between respective services offered by both companies. There is also the stock of the day which on this particular day was Apple.

The Motley Fool takes a light-hearted look at finance whilst helping investors make the right decisions. The top of the page gives you links to advice on investing as well as an opportunity to talk with other investors on discussion boards, a much neglected feature of many financial sites. It also has a section dedicated to retirement plans warning investors not to listen to myths and giving visitors 13 tips on retirement.


The information is not that hard to find, with each area clearly marked out. The retirement section is of particular usefulness giving tips on how to save more, informing you what IRA you’re eligible for as well as a discussion on retirement investing. The investment help section again gives 13 tips, this time on how to invest properly, though the site ironically titles the article “13 steps to investing Foolishly”. There are also tips on choosing the right broker and explanations as to why you need a broker in the first place.

Positives and Summary

The articles are written in a dark comic manner at times which befit’s the whole ‘fool’ design of the site. They try and keep all their advice simple and to the point and succeed in this mission. This desire to help beginners is shown up by their simple investing terms section which tells you all you need to know about Financial Statements and Operating Margins. The Motley Fool is a great site for new investors to visit to get help when they decide to dip their toe in the investment ocean.