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Summary and Popularity of Site

The Independent financial section is a highly regarded source of information and is considered to be at the high end of the market in terms of newspapers. This site has been online since 1996 and is ranked in the top 1200 most visited sites in the world, also cracking the top 100 most viewed pages in the UK*.

Site Design

When you enter the Money section you notice at once how professionally laid out it is. Not only do they have the separate sections neatly outlined on the top of the page, they also have the main stories for these sections clearly visible one after another, again neatly configured. In the centre you have their most popular stories but the Independent outdoes itself with its comparisons section. Here, you can click on savings, mortgages and a host of other options and compare the rates from the most popular service providers in the UK such as how Tesco Savings compares to Halifax savings for example.


The Independent seems keen to not only advise visitors on their finances but also to offer them advice. When you go into the pensions section, you have a choice of article which has stories such as how the shortfall will continue to negatively affect pensions, but you also get advice on how to avoid getting caught by pension reforms as well as avoiding overseas pensions.

Thanks to the fantastic layout, visitors will have no difficulty whatsoever finding what they’re looking for although they may get trapped in the maze of useful information. While some sites have misleading headlines for their articles, The Independent delivers exactly what it promises so you will not be wasting time reading about something completely different to what you were expecting.

Positives and Summary

There is a fine line between producing stories that are informative and easy to read and coming up with articles full of useful facts, but difficult to read due to excess jargon or verbosity. This site comfortably follows the former description which is why so many viewers come back to the page time and again. One criticism of this page is the slow loading time. Compared to other sites, it loads at a snail’s pace. Nonetheless, the wealth of information contained within allows it to get away with this flaw.