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Windsor Life was founded in 1963 as an incorporated company before it moved to the Royal Borough of Windsor in 1972. As the company grew larger it became apparent that they had to move which they did in 1987 to Telford. In a six year period between 1982-88, Windsor Life acquired UK Life, New Zealand Life, Continental Life and Grosvenor Life. They aim to provide a professional service to their policyholders with good administration, prompt payment of benefits and solid returns on investments their main goals.

Product Services and Speciality Products

Windsor will write to their customers six months before their retirement date to discuss their pension options. It is possible to delay taking pension benefits until you are 75 as long as you have decided what benefits you wish to receive by the time you reach that age. Those who are no longer planning to retire must write to Windsor and inform them of this decision.

Their Invested Lifetime Annuity option is only available to Windsor Life Policyholders. Basically, your retirement fund is placed into the Windsor Life With Profits Fund which allows your money the opportunity to grow. If you decide to increase your regular payment you may be eligible for a bonus. These bonuses can never be taken away once awarded and the annuities are guaranteed never to fall. it may start out lower than other funds but it will provide you with a greater nest egg in the long run.

Their Level Lifetime Annuity plan gives you an income that remains at a steady level until the day you die. Its annuity is also guaranteed never to fall but unlike the Invested Lifetime Annuity, it cannot protect you against inflation as its rate of income never changes.

Selling Route

If you need to talk to Windsor Life further, simply phone or email them. You may have to pass some security checks before they give out fund information however. If you choose to seek independent financial advice regarding any of their products it will be at your own expense.