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Skandia Investment Solutions

About Skandia Investment Solutions

Skandia Investment Solutions is a platform designed by the Skandia Group to make their financial dealings even easier to understand and more convenient for their customers. It allows its consumers to hold all of their fund investments in one simple to manage portfolio. This enables you and your financial advisor to control your investments better. This is achieved because they can be reviewed at regular intervals to ensure that they still match your financial ambitions. In total, there are approximately 900 funds for customers to choose from.

Product Services and Speciality Products

Out of these 900 funds you can choose up to 50 at once in order to give you the most diversified portfolio possible. Those who hold a cash ISA can transfer this money into an ISA that deals in stocks and bonds. Their platform offers you much needed flexibility over your investment as you can withdraw it as you please. Skandia offers its customers a secure online site where they can keep track of their investments.

Some of the downsides include the fact that you are expected to hold on to the ISA for at least 5 years. Although you are free to withdraw within this timeframe, it is likely that you will not get back the amount that you initially invested. Your investment can also be affected by unforeseen tax rules which are unpredictable in nature. There is no guarantee on your investment because of the volatile nature of the stock market. It is also possible that adverse market conditions could cause you to lose a certain amount of your investment’s value if you decide to transfer.

Selling Route

In order to become involved in this Skandia Investment Solutions scheme you need to talk directly to Skandia Investment Management Limited with only UK residents able to benefit from this scheme.