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Black Rock

About Black Rock

Black Rock offers investment advice, risk management and services to individual and corporate investors all over the world. It is a global business in every sense of the word with offices in 24 countries around the world with 8,500 employees. They cover a range of services and deal with a variety of clients including charities, foundations and governments. The size of the company is illustrated by the fact that they deal with $3.15 trillion of assets in their worldwide offices. The company also has no single independent majority shareholder.

Product Range and Speciality Products

The range of options for the individual investor include six Investment Trusts that help any person create a major portfolio. These particular trusts do not pay capital gains tax when you sell your investments. Their Offshore Funds option are similar in nature to investment trusts except for the fact that they are located overseas. This usually means that investors will benefit from paying less tax than on home base trusts. With their Exchange Traded Fund, you can buy assets such as bonds and equities which can also be bought and sold on the stock market.

Their pension section explains that there are three main options. The first one are occupational pension schemes which are related to your salary and based on the number of years you have worked for the company. Personal pensions are sponsored by your company while you also make a contribution towards it. Then there is the final option of a state pension but this is often not nearly enough for the majority of the population. The site also urges you to contact your company’s pension scheme administrator for more information.

Selling Route

Black Rock is delighted to offer pensions and fund schemes either directly or privately. The site gives you links to whichever option you choose.