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For – setting up a new pension, reviewing your pension, approaching retirement, looking into auto enrolment, and buying your annuity or entering income drawdown

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Summary and Popularity of Site

The Pensions Advisory Service is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to giving free advice and information on the different types of pensions. It is ranked just inside the top 400,000 sites in the world, and just outside the top 20,000 in the UK*.

Site Design

The home page has an almost playful look about it, far from the business-like layout of other sites. Whereas certain sites that deal with financial matters such as pension schemes look intimidating and confusing, the Pensions Advisory Service page looks friendly and appealing. It has its main articles dotted through the homepage, with various other stories on the left hand side and the latest news from the world of pensions on the right.


There is no doubt about what this site is trying to achieve. The moment you click on the site, there are a variety of articles pertaining to pensions such as how secure your pensions are, how to make a complaint about a pension and how to calculate your pension. The piece that calculates your pension is extremely relevant as the pension age in the UK is changing over the next few years.

There is nothing superfluous or unnecessary on this site. Every single article relates to pensions in some way. Articles such as the one about discovering how secure your pension is are helpful and pertinent, particularly when you take into account the current economic climate.

Positives and Summary

Most articles have helpful links that will give you more information and are written in a professional manner, yet they do not overwhelm the reader with confusing statistics or technical language. You may expect this to be the case because the site is for everyday people, not financial experts, but some sites sail too close to the wind in this regard, thus alienating their intending audience.

This audience is seemingly those who are either at pension age or coming close to it, but the state age calculator section shows age changes all the way to 2046, so perhaps they are trying to reach a middle-age and younger audience too. Besides being clear and helpful, the site is also free so those who need answers to burning questions about pensions should take a look.

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*statistics sourced from alexa