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Summary and Popularity of Site

News Now gives links to a variety of news headlines which are divided up into different categories. This is designed to enable visitors to find what they’re looking for in a hurry. It is inside the top 3,000 most visited sites in the world and has managed to crack the UK’s top 200*.

Site Design

The site promises to divide everything up into categories so that incoming traffic will not be put off by having to scroll through mountains of information to find what they are looking for. It achieves this and all the headings even have different colour backgrounds to emphasise the difference. When you click on to the business section, you are met with more links to stories as well as category choices on the left hand side such as news on inflation rates, the stock market and pensions.


This site does not have one specific focus and it manages to generate so much traffic because of its ability to enable visitors to seamlessly move from one category to the next. Investors have corporate finance stories, estate agents have housing market information and the general public have personal finance news. The pension section has a huge amount of recent stories such as analysing whether the Conservatives or Labour party will be better for pensioners.

Positives and Summary

News Now succeeds in its mission to make their huge amount of stories easy to access. You are just a click away from finding stories on a specific category that you are interested in, and another click away from the relevant sub-section. At this point, you are met with a host of stories from different sources entered in chronological order with stories being updated on an hourly basis. The source of the story is entered beside the headline, so you will know if the site has the type of articles that you normally read. For example, if you know that a certain financial website has reports that are too complex, you can steer clear.

News Now is an excellent idea, and it works extremely well. News hungry visitors can quickly and easily access the most important stories of the day in whatever category they choose.