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Popularity of Site

Morningstar is a website that offers investment advice to current or potential shareholders. It ranks at around 160,000 in terms of worldwide traffic and is hovering around the top 12,000 in the UK*.


When you click on their website, you are met with an extremely comprehensive array of facts and figures. Snippets and headlines of articles from financial experts adorn the homepage also. This can be immediately off-putting to those who are not experts with figures and is perhaps not the best image for a new visitor to see. Such charts should probably be linked and easily found by those who wish to view them.


Visitors have an array of options to choose from including: Stocks, Options and Hedge Funds. All of these options are clearly marked and easy to find. There is no doubt that future and current investors will find everything they need on this site. However, it is clear that this site is not for the newcomer and those not in the financial loop will quickly find themselves lost.

Another major point about Morningstar is the level of detail involved in all their articles. They contain more statistics and could alienate all but hardened investors. This could be considered a good or a bad thing. It is a negative aspect because it makes it extremely difficult for someone new to the world of investment to figure out what to do. Morningstar advocates will argue that this is positive because if someone has no prior investment knowledge, they really shouldn’t be risking money. Morningstar is not designed to baby-sit newcomers, so those who don‘t know what a hedge fund is will not find it easy on the site.

Our Summary

Despite the level of difficulty newcomers may have on this site, it is extremely popular with over six million members worldwide. More serious investors can sign up for their premium package. These members receive an astonishing amount of information, including access to data from 13,000 mutual funds and 7,000 stocks. As it is a reputable site, Morningstar offers a free 2 week trial where you can analyse whether the premium membership package is suited to your needs.

Casual investors should probably steer clear of Morningstar. However, for those who know their facts and figures in the financial world, Morningstar will not disappoint and it provides valuable insights into the world of investments.

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*statistics sourced from alexa