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Summary and Popularity of Site

Microsoft Network (MSN) is one of the biggest sites in the world. This particular site had a finance section which gives a vast array of information about the world of finance and is of interest of entrepreneurs and casual readers alike. It is ranked number 9 in the list of the world’s most visited websites and is number 13 in the United States*.


The homepage is extremely busy and your initial reaction is to wonder how you can possibly find what it is you’re looking for. The solution to this lies on the left hand side of the page which gives various links to sections like personal finance, banking and investing. The American stock markets: The Dow Jones and Nasdaq are constantly updated at the top of the screen. It is probably best to ignore the homepage entirely and concentrate on the specific sections unless you are just looking for a leisurely browse around the site which is certainly a good way to pass the time.

There is no specific focus, instead, all kinds of visitors are catered for. If you own a company or are interested in investing, there is a whole section available for you including advice on stocks and fund investment. If you are just a casual reader, there is the general financial news stories of the day. For those interested in savings or seeking advice on their pension, then you should go to the personal finance section.

Positives and Summary

The pensions (or retirement) section is actually neatly configured which is in stark contrast to the homepage. There are a host of interesting articles on how to escape the rat race which essentially offers advice on how to enjoy life even before your decide to retire. In fact, most of these articles concentrate on telling visitors how to enjoy life when the time comes to quit working for good.

When you go into the articles, you find that it is just another heading and leads to even more articles. The advice contained within is quick and to the point, offering great advice such as the best places in the world to retire and 6 ways to make your nest egg last. This giant corporation’s site has something for everyone and is a good place to find out useful investment and retirement advice.