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Summary and Popularity of Site

Interactive Investor is a UK based online financial services provider that specialises in dealing with stocks, investing and personal finance. As at 2008, this site had 1.6 million registered users. It is currently ranked inside the top 9,000 most visited sites in the world and within the top 400 in the UK*.


The homepage can only be described as busy, with a host of options on the far left taking you to sections such as news, markets, funds and pensions. The markets such as the FTSE 100 are on the right and the main headlines are in between the aforementioned information. The latest stock market figures scroll by continuously below the main stories.

The site is dedicated with keeping investors up to date with the relevant financial news of the day including why BP’s share price is continuing to fall and how the Australian government’s tax on miners caused the FTSE to fall. Their personal finance section helps visitors find better deals on pensions, mortgages and home and car insurance. If you have a portfolio, there is a section for you to view all these investments simultaneously.

Positives and Summary

Despite the seemingly chaotic homepage, it is not difficult to find what you’re looking for thanks to the clearly defined choices on the left hand side of the page. When you click on ‘pensions’ for example, you find yourself faced with a whole host of useful information such as government information about pensions, a special pensions calculator to ascertain how much retirement income you will receive and a guide that lets you know how to maximise your pension opportunities.

Interactive Investor tailors its articles to suit its varied audience. When it comes to specialised topics for experienced investors, they produce a piece that may be difficult to understand for a non-investor but will be ideal for those who are financially minded. The articles on pensions are free of jargon and just give the facts to readers. Any information relating to numbers is relayed in a clear and concise manner. This site has a multitude of resources for all users and it is no surprise that it is coming towards the 2 million mark in terms of registered users.