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HMRC Pension Info

Popularity of Site

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs provides all detailed information on tax, insurance and pensions for all UK citizens, and also includes leaflets and forms that can be downloaded. As it pertains specifically to the financial and tax interests of citizens of the UK, it is an exceptionally popular site, just outside the top 3,000 in the world, and currently ranked 110 in the UK*.

Site Design

The HMRC has the same kind of template for all of its financial sections, none of which are particularly interesting from a design point of view. The homepage is simplicity itself, a hint of green adding the only colour bar the blue links and splashes of two other colours at the top of the page. Otherwise it is all very plain with a white background.


When you enter the HMRC site and locate the pensions section, you will see an uncomplicated structure before you. There is no sign of figures or tables. Instead you are given the option of finding out information about your taxes such as finding out if you have to pay taxes in retirement, how to tell the Tax Office that you’re retiring and how to receive tax-free interest on your savings.

You also have the option to find out how to pay the right tax after you reach pension age and how to understand tax codes and tax forms. This is particularly useful, as you can use this information when filling in the forms that are at the bottom of the page. Simply put, everything on this site is specifically related to pensions and you will not be steered wrong on your search.

Our Summary

All of these articles are written with the regular individual in mind. Therefore, they are simple to understand and easily accessible. None of the links lead you anywhere that you don’t want to go, and the site does its best to explain what can be complex information.

All information on this site regarding pensions is relevant, up to date and trustworthy. Although HMRC has received criticism in the past, it does have the best interests of its citizens at heart and is a great place to find out information relating to pensions and to download important forms.

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*statistics sourced from alexa