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Summary and Popularity of Site

The Daily Mail is a tabloid newspaper, better known for divulging the sordid activities of celebrities than anything else, but it does offer viewers to their website a chance to look at financial issues. It is a very popular publication and is ranked in the top 250 most viewed sites in the world, and within the top 200 in the United States*.

Site Design

The money section for this day has a rather nasty picture of a cockroach on a French fry with the story about how KFC have been forced to pay paltry fine for breaching hygiene rules. This picture is at best unpalatable and at worst disgusting. It shouldn’t be surprising, as this is a tabloid paper, but such a picture has no place in the financial section of any website, regardless of the importance of the story. Their main stories are on the left, with extra stories in the middle and comparison website links for mortgages, savings and so forth on the right. Despite the ghastly picture, this page is well laid out.


Scrolling further down the page gives you the latest business news such as how Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s surprising actions adversely affected the markets. Additional financial stories include advice on improving your savings and quick financial guides. This site is surprising insofar as it provides excellent and serious business news which is contrary to its reputation as a tabloid newspaper. While the gory picture was expected, the depth of news comes as a pleasant surprise as does the immaculate layout.

Positives and Summary

The information is quite easy to find and at the very foot of the money page, you will see useful ‘how to’ guides which give readers and quick advice on how to choose the best mortgage, how to invest smartly and how to retire in comfort. What is disappointing is the how difficult is was to find the pensions section which is not clearly marked, unlike the rest of the site. When you click on one of the few pension articles, you are redirected to their thisismoney page which does have an outstanding pension section. Besides this problem which is easily overcome by making the link more obvious, this is an excellent website for all things financial.