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Summary and Popularity of Site

Choosing and Using is a site that claims to give free and impartial advice on how to use your credit cards. It has been created by the UK Cards Association and represents all major UK credit card users. It does not enjoy much in the way of traffic however, it is ranked outside the top 6 million most viewed sites in the world*..

Site Design

The homepage doesn’t waste anytime cutting to the chase as it were. It welcomes its visitors and offers a link to the aforementioned UK Cards Association. It explains that it is a simple guide to help customers establish how credit cards work, what you should be thinking of when you make your choice and how to best use your card. There are some links on the page that give you options such as terms & conditions, using your credit card and advice for those who have debt trouble.


The site looks pretty neatly constructed. When you click on any of the links, another set of choices await you. The Choosing your Credit Card section opens up into pages on benefits and risks, the right card for you and gives you a comparison of credit cards. The Summary Box is possibly the most useful page for anyone who doesn’t even have basic knowledge of credit cards. It gives every term that credit card companies use when attempting to peddle you their card.

These explanations are really easy to read and don’t try and complicate matters. Everything from Interest Rates to Default Charges are covered with three or four lines. The debt advice section is also especially useful. Here you will discover that credit card companies are obliged to be sympathetic with customer requests. They may offer you better repayment terms because they don’t benefit from you defaulting on your debt.

Positives and Summary

This advice is very useful and it’s a shame that more people don’t come on here and take advantage of this resource. It won’t take long to go through all the material and it could save you a lot of trouble in the long run. If you don’t know the basic elements of credit card ownership, then you should visit this site immediately.