Save or Plan? Funeral Costs Rising in the Southampton Area

Begin planning your funeral today

Funeral costs are rising!

Age Concern say, that with interest rates at an all time low, that funeral costs will be over £6000 in just five years, if you use money from a savings account rather than by taking out a dedicated funeral plan.

It is thought that many people put money into a savings account when planning for a funeral rather taking out a funeral plan for their funeral costs.

However, funeral costs are on the increase. Age Concern is urging people to think ahead when it comes to planning for their funeral which avoids leaving a financial burden on loved ones.

By taking out a funeral plan, people could save over £100s of pounds over 5 years, rather than trying to cover ever-increasing funeral costs using a low interest savings account.

If you are based in Southampton, The Complete Guide to Pensions recommends taking advice from They also have a phenomenal list of funeral directors and can guide you through your funeral plan. For more information about Southampton funeral directors, click here.

What are the benefits of taking out a prepaid funeral plan?

The main benefit of taking out a prepaid funeral plan not only makes complete financial sense, but it means the pressure is taken off your loved ones during such a difficult time.

  1. Freeze your funeral directors cost

A funeral plan allows you to fix your directors cost as mentioned in all paperwork. All costs are covered if your chosen agency carries out your funeral, as well as not changing requirements.

  1. Expertise and knowledge

Your chosen funeral director will have local knowledge and expertise which will contribute to the planning of your funeral. Your family will also have access to help, advice and a compassionate service.

  1. You will always be accepted

You will have full reassurance that your prepaid funeral application will be accepted, without the discrimination of any medical issues or age.

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