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    Summary and Popularity of Site

    Yahoo! Finance UK is part of the giant corporation that has helped revolutionise the way we receive information. The Yahoo site is ranked number 4 in the world and number 3 in the US guaranteeing that this financial section is one of the most viewed pages in the United Kingdom*.

    Site Design

    The homepage is rather confusing in that it does not offer you many headlines, instead preferring visitors to see not only the stock exchange data but also more detailed figures and statistics relating to some of the most popular and top performing companies in the FTSE 100. As one would expect from a company like Yahoo!, the page is also filled with advertisements regarding loans and credit card rates.

    With these ads seemingly everywhere, one has to draw the conclusion that they are more worried about using their name to draw traffic to the site thus guaranteeing their sponsors plenty of business. It would be naïve to suggest that other websites are not the same, but perhaps this particular site is more for the banking sector than consumers and that the information they offer is just a token gesture to keep up appearances.


    This feeling is confirmed by clicking onto the various links on the site. After several clicks, it became apparent that the only way you were going to receive any information was by filling in some form or giving your email address. You could get free money guides and free investment trusts buy downloading a form and sending them the filled version.

    Positives and Summary

    It is hard to say how articles on the site were written because there didn’t seem to be any! It was advert after advert, form after form and it soon became a frustrating exercise clicking from one ad to the next. When you eventually find articles under the Finance News & Comment section they seemed to be written in a formal manner which seemed to be a bit of a divergence from the ad riddled approach found on other pages.

    This site is really not going to provide the average person with pertinent and easy to read financial information and it seems the articles were written for an audience who would not be interested in their adverts which was quite strange.