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    Summary and Popularity of Site

    To some, The Times conjures up images of senior gentleman smoking pipes and discussing the foreign markets by a fireplace. Yet, the traffic figures suggest that this site is accessed by all aspects of society. It is ranked in the top 500 most viewed sites in the world and within the top 40 in the UK*.

    Site Design

    The Times likes to spread its stories on savings, investments and funds all over the page, yet manages to keep the page looking reasonably tidy. As you scroll down the page you will see stories about investment, property & mortgages and consumer affairs. There are also some fun stories relating to the top 10 most expensive home and movies. These kind of articles are attractive to those looking for a lifestyle article fix and are a nice touch amidst the serious financial news.


    The site succeeds in dividing its focus between investors and personal finance. For those interested in the stock market, there are stories relating to the Keydata collapse and how to invest in Europe without the risk. For the general public, there are intriguing and genuinely useful articles on preventing vulnerable members of society from scams as well as the impact of the three major British party’s manifestos on the nation. Also, visitors are encouraged to write in to the newspaper’s troubleshooter Rebecca O Connor for help and advice.

    Positives and Summary

    The sections are excellently spread out and the information really couldn’t be easier to find. On the pensions section which is clearly outlined in the money section, there are a number of useful pieces on how senior citizens can protect their wealth against the massive recession as well as the effect that watering down pensions will have on employees when they retire.

    The articles themselves are easy to read and many are written in a top 10 format, giving out little tit-bits of information at a time which are easy to understand and remember. Although one or two of the tips may have some complicated financial information, this can hardly be helped. The Times money section is for everyone, so those who have preconceived notions about this publication should visit the site and judge for themselves.