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    Popularity of Site

    The pensions regulator is the watchdog of the UK pension industry, looking out for pensioners by supervising the pension schemes and employers who administer them. It is ranked outside the top one million world sites, and is just outside the top 70,000 in the UK*.

    Site Design

    As it is designed for those wishing to invest money in a pension to look after them when they retire, the homepage is not littered with pie charts and figures. The information is a little scattered on the homepage and could be organised slightly better but this is a minor point as it is quite easy to navigate and find what you need.


    It tells visitors how it protects them by their power to regulate and enforce within the pension industry. Having this information easily available to its visitors is an excellent way to promote peace of mind immediately. Simply put, the point of this site is the ensure that pension companies don’t succumb to the dark economy, as such an occurrence leaves investors vulnerable at a time in their lives when they need financial security the most. Thus far, it has served its audience well and with government backing, should continue to do so.

    It divides its information in a handful of clearly defined sections: For Professionals, For Employers, For Trustees and For Individuals. Again, like the homepage, the layout is a bit scattered, but there is no great difficulty in finding the information that you need.

    Our Summary

    The articles are clear, concise and easy to read. They inform you about pension related items in a business like manner, but there is a refreshing absence of jargon.

    As a tool for pension advice, the Pension Regulator provides unsurpassed security and it does an excellent job of alleviating fears, as well as giving useful advice to all parties involved, including those with little knowledge of pensions. For simple, helpful advice, this is a good site to look for when you start thinking about your pension.

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    *statistics sourced from alexa