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    Summary and Popularity of Site

    Simply switch is a website that helps consumers find the best deals on a range of financial services including mortgages, loans and credit cards. They promise to save you money and help you to check your credit rating. This site is not all that well known, it is outside the top 500,000 most viewed sites in the world and outside the top 30,000 most visited sites in the UK*.

    Site Design

    There is a specific money section which when clicked on brings you to a page where you are given a choice of four options to compare rates on: Loans, Mortgage, Credit Cards, Savings & Current Accounts as well as a Credit and Fraud Zone designed to protect its consumers from fraud. The site has affiliations which another website. When you go to check on loans for example, you are redirected to which is Simply Switch‘s financial expert website.

    When the time comes to attempt to compare loans, you will be asked to enter your name, address, email, phone number and postcode. Frankly, when you are just looking for a loan comparison, you shouldn’t need to divulge any information as it is just a free quote. Clearly, this site’s aim is to bombard those who are looking for a loan with unwelcome information which is simply not good enough.


    It turns out that all four links bring you to money, and all ask for the same information. Being a front for another company to harass customers with marketing mail is unacceptable and perhaps this is the reason why this site has so few visitors. You could go onto a variety of other sites that offer free price comparisons without the need to give your personal information. Do you really want to receive phone calls from money regarding loan offers? This is what will happen if you enter your phone number.

    Positives and Summary

    The credit and fraud section does give useful advice on avoiding identity fraud and information about your credit rating. Nonetheless, this does not detract from the fact that the site fails miserably in its primary goal, that is offering hassle-free price comparisons. Giving them your phone and email should be optional, not mandatory and such intrusive measures will continue to see visitors avoid this site.