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Summary and Popularity of Site

Citywire is an investment website that gives potential investors a simple message that it’s “For people who wish to invest , those who advise them and those that manage investments.” It is quite a popular website, ranked in the 41,000 sites in the world and it’s just outside the top 1,500 most popular websites in the UK*.

Site Design

The simple message is indicative of the homepage, with none of the complex charts and graphs adorning their site unlike other investment websites. It is neatly structured, with four main categories to choose from: Personal Investor, New Model Advisor, Wealth Manager and Fund Selector. The casual reader can easily sit down and read one of their articles without being bamboozled by facts and figures that go way over their head.


This site is trying to encompass all aspects of investment and is not specifically for investors or financial advisors. With this there is the danger of spreading itself too thin in its mission to try and assist everyone. Yet as you click into each of the four sections it becomes apparent that they make a fine attempt at providing help in the financial sector for all participants.

This spread of information is probably not ideal for everyone though. Certainly those seeking deep, specialised information will not be satisfied by having to settle for a watered down version of financial stories because the site cannot provide detailed information on every aspect.

Positives and Summary

That being said, the stories are updated every day and are written in the style of a broadsheet newspaper. This seems to indicate that it’s a site for news hungry individuals who are not necessarily deep into investing.

It is unsurprising that Citywire is such a popular website. Unlike other websites, it appeals to the masses with a distinct lack of bewildering information on the home page. More serious investors will have to dig a little bit to find the information they are looking for, but they will find it as Citywire has hidden depths that are not apparent from the home page.

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*statistics sourced from alexa