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Friends Provident

About Friends Provident

Friends Provident was founded in 1832 to assist Quaker families who were having bad financial trouble. Since these worthy beginnings the company has increased massively in size and is now one of the most trusted institutions in the UK with regards to pensions and protection. They are also proud sponsors of the England and Wales Cricket Board and the Salisbury Festival. They have won various awards for their pensions service including the 2009 European Pensions Award for Pension Provider of the Year and the 2009 Incisive Media Gold Standards Awards for best Group Pensions Provider.

Product Services and Speciality Products

Their pensions section reminds visitors that the State Pension of £97.65 a week is unlikely to be enough to sustain you in your old age. Also, those who have not made high enough National Insurance Contributions may not even receive that amount. Friends Provident offers you an Individual Pension Plan, an Individual Stakeholder Pension and an Online Stakeholder Pension. Their online pension is available to anyone under the age of 75 regardless of their employment status. You can start this pension by investing as little as £20. They do issue a warning stating that this pension is not guaranteed in value and could go down depending on investment performance.

Friends Provident also has a variety of ways in which to ensure that Inheritance Tax does not eat into your assets. For example, you could issue financial gifts to friends and family from £250 all the way up to £5,000 which could help you escape Inheritance Tax. There are a range of gifts available which could help you save in the future.

Selling Route

Friends Provident cannot offer you financial advice on certain aspects of their site including the Inheritance Tax item. The site helps you find a suitable IFA by directing you to an external site.