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    Canada Life


    Canada Life is the oldest Canadian Life Assurance company and was founded in 1847. Canada Life Limited began operations in the UK in 1903 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Great-West Lifeco and is interested in looking after the welfare of its customers with regards to pensions and protection. They have won a host of prestigious awards. Among the most recent are the Financial Advisor Online Service Awards 2016 where they received 5 stars, the 2016 Money Observer Award for Best Asia Pacific Fund and the 2016 Lipper Funds Award for the Best Fund over 3 years in Equity Global ex UK category.

    Product Services and Speciality Products

    Their Guaranteed Retirement Plan is designed for those who wish to invest a single premium with the promise of a guaranteed amount of income at a pre-selected date for benefits in the future. This income is payable for life. Their Flexible Pension Bond aims to build up a sizeable fund for you regardless of your employment status. Whether you are self employed, wish to transfer the value of another pension or adding benefits from your current pension scheme, this plan could cater for you.

    Their special Trustee Investment Plan (TIP) is designed to help trustees of pension plans increase their investment from a medium term plan to a long term one. Trustees of Self Invested Personal Pensions, Small Self Administered Schemes or Final Salary Occupational Pensions Schemes are able to invest in a TIP fund. Those who decide to use the TIP fund can either choose between having a 100% allocation rate with no administration charges or a flexible allocation rate.

    Selling Route

    In order to fully understand the information displayed as well as purchasing one of these plans, you will have to contact your financial advisor.