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    Axa Pensions

    About AXA

    AXA is a huge company that concentrates on providing health insurance, protection and pensions among other things for its clients. Its headquarters are in London but it also has main offices in Bristol, Dublin, Tunbridge Wells and Basingstoke. It has 11,000 employees in the UK and over 216,000 worldwide with operations on several different continents with 10 million customers in the UK alone. It is part of the AXA Group which was formed in 1980 and is a major player in the financial protection industry.

    Product Range and Speciality Products

    AXA have two main pension plans for individuals. The One from Winterthur is a combination of the benefits of a personal pension with the opportunity to invest in stocks, shares or commercial property. This policy is actually brought to you by Winterthur Life which is also part of the AXA Group. The AXA Family SunTrust pension scheme offers a host of choices for families or groups who would rather invest together than risk large amounts doing it by themselves.

    Their Group Stakeholder Pension is set up by your employer but you assume all the risk yourself. The final sum you receive from this AXA company scheme is dependent on the amount you have paid in as well as its performance and annuity rates. This money will be invested in stocks and property. The Group Personal Pension is when an employer sets up Personal Pension Plans for a group of their employees. Their Group Occupational Pension is a plan whereby your employer makes pension contributions for you . Certain plans may also require you to invest money yourself as part of this scheme.

    Selling Route

    AXA sells pensions both publicly and privately. Their public set up has resulted in the aforementioned large customer base. They also have a Private Equity sector that deals with capital investment.