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  Start a New Pension and Save for Retirement

By starting a new private pension you are taking personal responsibility for the lifestyle that you will get when you retire. Too many of us defer this decision too long and end up not having time to save enough to get the lifestyle we desire.

New pensions are fairly easy to set up, and can even be done online as a non-advised option these days. If you are in doubt though you should just do some research and quotes and then speak with an IFA to discuss further. An adviser can help you understand your attitude to risk and where your money should be placed. They can also guide you on likely returns and how much to put into the new pension.

New Personal Pension

Private Personal pension plans are investment vehicles deigned to provide a lump sum and income for retirement.

Private pensions are available to any United Kingdom resident under the age of 75 and are taken through insurance companies, high street banks, investment firms and some retailer outlets.

Personal Pensions are classed as money purchase arrangements. A member contributes to the plan, the money is invested and builds up in a fund. The amount of pension income the member can draw at retirement will depend on:

  1. the contributions made into the pension scheme;
  2. the performance of the inestments; and
  3. the annuity rate bought at retirement. This annuity rate is the factor used to convert the pot of money into a pension.

If you currently have a pension, or are looking to contribute to a new pension, fill out the form above!