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    3 tips for before you chose your pension

    There are some important things you should do before you choose your pension. Here are three of them.

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    List of UK pension providers

    So far this is just a list of some of the biggest pension providers. We wll be expanding this section in the future to include reviews and information on providers.

    Read about some pension providers


    It is not too early to start saving for retirement!

    One mistake a lot of people make is to think that they can start thinking about saving later; that there is always more time. The reality with pensions is that the earlier that you start to save the less painful it will be.

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    Plan ahead if you want early retirement

    We all want to enjoy retirement and make the most of our time when we’ve finally finish work.  And for some of us, this means giving up work before we reach 65. Whether you want to travel the world, move to a warmer climate, or just put your feet up and relax, early retirement will require that you plan ahead.

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    Pension funds – a variety of options

    While the rules governing pension and the options available can be complex, the general ideal of a money purchase pension scheme is quite straight forward.


    The member of the scheme makes contributions which are placed in one or more professionally managed pension funds.  These funds then invest in a range of stock and shares, bonds, cash, property and so on.  Your contributions, and the returns they achieve, remain invested until you retire.  At this point your pension pot is exchanged for regular income in retirement – your annuity.

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    The importance of regular pension planning reviews

    There is no doubt, joining a pension scheme can be confusing.  Once you’ve made your move and started pay contributions you may assume that it is it . . . it’s sorted.   But pensions are a long term commitment.  The chances are your life is going to change during the next 20 or 30 years.


    Jobs, salary, priorities and commitments are all prone to change and all of these can affect on your pension planning.  So, it is best to keep on top of changes by reviewing your plans with a financial advisor on a regular basis.

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    The Introduction of Auto-Enrolment

    Currently, many workers do not join their employer’s pension scheme and so miss out on valuable pension benefits. Auto-enrolment of staff is designed to overcome this problem.


    Under current legislation auto-enrolment in occupational pensions will be introduced in October 2017. The new rules require employers to auto-enrol all employees earning more than £5,000 per annum into a qualifying defined benefit [link], defined contribution company pension scheme or NEST pension plan.

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    What the state provides in retirement

    A survey early this year found that around one in five people intended to live on just the State pension in retirement.* Unfortunately, few people realise just how little they will get from the State.

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