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    Pension Annuity Rates Are Not Always What They Seem

    Pension Annuity RatesPension annuity rates are the return on investment offered by the various annuity providers around the UK. With such a high level of competition, it is not a surprise to learn that these rates differ wildly depending on the provider. Clearly, the intricacies of pension annuity rates are beyond the grasp of the majority of the general public. Independent financial advisors on the other hand, are experts when it comes to dealing with this arena.

    Hidden Dangers
    Advisors of this nature are not affiliated with any financial institution so they can offer unbiased advice. They are duty bound to provide advice based on their best judgement as well as on the individual circumstances of their client. They are aware of the problems associated with pension annuity rates at the moment. Frightfully low returns on investment are offered by companies which causes many savers to question the wisdom of being tied to an annuity for life.

    Despite your trepidation, there are good pension annuity rates available but you need the help of an advisor to find them. Rates that are too good to be true usually are. For example, a provider may offer a 4% rate which is exceptionally high. You will often find that hidden deep in a company’s terms and conditions lies a variety of clauses such as heavy fees and charges.

    An independent financial advisor will protect you from the often complex and sometimes sinister small print included with a provider’s pension annuity rates. You need assistance because an annuity is for life with most companies not offering a get out clause of any kind. Fill in the form to contact an independent financial advisor who will guide you through the minefield of hidden conditions.