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The Complete Pension Guide 2017 will introduce advisors who understand the need for joint responsibility when planning group pensions.

When planning pensions for a group of people, the size of the investment multiplies along with the responsibility.

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  • For – setting up a new pension, reviewing your pension, approaching retirement, looking into auto enrolment, and buying your annuity or entering income drawdown

    Annuities: Immediate Vesting Personal Pension Plan (IVPPP) – Compulsory Purchase Annuity (CPA) – Purchased Life Annuity (PLA)

    Free online quotes available to source the products and providers with the best rates and deals.

    Setting up a new pension is about laying a solid foundation for your future retirement.

    Our aim is to help you find a suitably qualified advisor who will, understand your needs, answer your questions and help you locate a new pension that is right for you.

    Not everyone has the relevant knowledge, industry expertise and time available to completely review the whole pension market place.

    So are you looking to find and select pension advice from advisors that have all the answers to your initial questions?

    • How much can I invest into a pension?
    • Can I vary my contributions to suit my circumstances?
    • Can I add one off payments from savings in the future?
    • How much will the Government contribute?
    • When can I retire?
    • What happens if I die before retirement?

    Your search for advice about a new pension could be over … Contact Pensionfinder today.