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The Complete Pension Guide 2017 introduces you to Income Drawdown advisors with the appropriate level of technical pension knowledge.

Income Drawdown is technically more demanding and structurally very different from an annuity. We strongly recommend appointing a suitably qualified specialist pensions advisor to guide you through all of the planning issues that we will begin to touch on here.

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    Income Drawdown more information

    Income Drawdown gives more flexibility by leaving the retirement planning door wide open for more definitive decisions at a later date.

    If you are approaching retirement and thinking about income drawdown, then it is vital that you and your advisor take as many factors as possible into account, including the following:

    • Death Benefits
    • Rules and Regulations
    • Alternatives
    • Providers
    • Income Requirements
    • Tax Free Cash
    • Inheritance Tax
    • Age
    • Investment Risk
    • Size of Pension Fun

    Income Drawdown is a retirement planning option typically available to a person at normal retirement age (NRA) with a total combined pension fund value of over £100,000.

    We are happy to introduce you to a suitable advisor if you complete our form today.

    Income Drawdown Reviews and Administration:

    The need for advice is very obvious when considering what happens next, after you have decided to initially use Income Drawdown as a financial product that supports your retirement planning.

    Firstly, Income Drawdown needs to be reviewed and it is most definitely not a one time planning event that finishes when the transaction is completed. So choosing a supportive and reliable advisor that will be there to guide you through each and every review is vital.

    Staying up to date with your chosen funds performance, investment fund values and the potential impact that it may be having on your varying income requirements can be confusing. A quality advisor is there to help you understand the financial impact and address these important technical matters.

    Completing paperwork like tax returns and keeping up to date with the Income Drawdown rules and regulations can be stressful. Advisors with strong supportive administrative backup teams can help with every step of the process and are worth their weight in gold.

    Your income and therefore your income tax calculations may vary depending on how you use your lump sum and subsequent income options. An advisor with strong links to tax practitioners and accountants will be able to plan and demonstrate the optimal strategy for you.

    Take your Income Drawdown enquiry up a level and complete our form today.

    Risk & Reward

    Income Drawdown allows you to keep your options open for much longer and maintain maximum planning flexibility around income.

    Mortality statistics are improving, people are living longer and so more pressure is being placed on their pension funds to provide income for significantly more years in retirement.

    Inflation and rises in the cost of living can be problematic after all the cost of heating, lighting and food isn’t likely to start falling anytime soon. Trying to have your investment returns out-pace inflation often causes people to start blue sky thinking and taking on too much risk.

    If you are seeking certainty about your income in retirement with minimum fuss then you may find your advisor steering your conversation in the direction of an annuity.

    Steer yourself through the more challenging issues with a qualified Income Drawdown specialist, complete our form today.

    Income Drawdown


    FInd a Local Income Drawdown Adviser

    Does income drawdown confuse you? If so, you are in good company. Thousands of UK residents are keen to transfer their pension money to drawdown for greater flexibility but are unsure as to the process. Income drawdown allows you to withdraw money at any time you choose. There are restrictions relating to the minimum and

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    Get Drawdown Advice

    Income drawdown is an increasingly popular pension option but it is also one of the most complex. On the face of it, being able to withdraw money at any time seems simple enough but there are a number of financial implications. This is why drawdown advice is essential and this should only come from an

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    Transfer to Income Drawdown

    Income drawdown is also known as an unsecured pension. It is far more flexible than annuities because you are allowed withdraw a certain amount of money from your pension pot at any time while still saving for your retirement. However, income drawdown is really only an option for those with large pension funds. Talk to

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    Income Drawdown Transfer

    With an income drawdown plan, you are allowed to take an income in retirement until the time comes to buy a pension. To transfer from this defined contribution scheme, you must transfer your money to another income drawdown plan which will have the exact same review date and transfer limits as the old plan.

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    Income Drawdown Section Introduction

    Is Income Drawdown A Viable Option For You? Income drawdown is as complex as is it flexible so although it does offer pension holders a range of options, it can also be quite confusing. The biggest plus points with this form of investment include growth potential, the fact that it allows you complete control over

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    Annuity Options

    Before you start thinking about income drawdown, it is important to look at other annuity options, mainly lifetime annuities. Neither of these options are perfect. They both have major advantages and disadvantages which can be nullified or exacerbated depending on your individual circumstances. It would be incorrect to dismiss either option without thorough investigation because

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    Income Drawdown / Unsecured Pensions

    Income drawdown, also known as an unsecured pension, is a riskier though potentially more rewarding alternative to lifetime annuities. Essentially, you are allowed to take money from your pension directly yet the money that remains continues to be invested. Staying In Charge Control is the most important element in income drawdown and is its most

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    Income Drawdrown GAD Splitting the Fund

    There is the possibility that the maximum amount of money you are allowed to draw as income will exceed the amount that can be withdrawn from a regular single life annuity. Government Actuary Department (GAD) tables are used to decide how much your maximum limit is. These tables calculate data including your age, and 15

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    Alternatively Secured Pension (ASP)

    Once you reach the age of 75, it is possible to continue drawing an income without having to purchase an annuity. To achieve this, simply allow your pension fund to be placed in an Alternatively Secured Pension (ASP). An ASP is similar in nature to income drawdown though there are a number of restrictions which

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    Death After Pension Benefits- Annuity, Drawdown, Inheritance Tax

    Annuities and income drawdown have some significant differences but death benefits are possibly the most apparent. Please note that the government are considering the implementation of major changes with could affect the information you read below in future. Each tax situation will change depending on the person’s financial circumstances. There are numerous types of death

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