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About us

We search out, select and introduce suitably experienced pensions advisors.

We recognise that pensions, finance and taxation are becoming increasingly complicated despite calls for simplification and the use of plain English. We also see the world of pensions constantly shifting and believe that clients need to find experts that are staying up to date with the latest changes to pension legislation.

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  • For – setting up a new pension, reviewing your pension, approaching retirement, looking into auto enrolment, and buying your annuity or entering income drawdown

    Annuities: Immediate Vesting Personal Pension Plan (IVPPP) – Compulsory Purchase Annuity (CPA) – Purchased Life Annuity (PLA)

    Free online quotes available to source the products and providers with the best rates and deals.

    About us

    We specialise in helping you to start a dialogue with a competent advisor that will answer your pension related questions, cut through the technical complications and bring peace of mind to the retirement planning advisory process.

    We understand that it is not always about creative or innovative retirement planning solutions, often it is down to earth, simple direct pension advice and financial direction that is needed.

    We are dedicated to helping clients solve their pension related issues. Some of the most recently completed enquiry forms received by the The Complete Pension Guide 2017 Team include:

    • It is time for reviewing existing pension arrangements, can you help?
    • Can you help me to source a pension transfer product with a competitive charging structure?
    • I require help seeking out the best annuity rate!
    • I am looking for answers to my pre-retirement questions!
    • I have questions about pension advice in general – can you help?

    We were able to help people like you with many of their pension related issues when they completed the simple enquiry form below.

    Search and selection

    The The Complete Pension Guide 2017 support team has many years of experience; researching and selecting advisors that really help clients achieve their financial outcomes in retirement.

    What we do best is use our experience within the pension industry to help clients and advisors meet, and then work together.

    We improve the service by finding additional advisors with the appropriate qualifications that remove the confusion around pensions and de-mystify the financial planning process.

    If you are ready to be introduced to a suitably qualified advisor then please complete the enquiry form now.