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We are a professional group dedicated to helping individuals find answers and solutions to their pension queries.

We provide a simple service that is committed to finding you pension advice from a pension advisor with the relevant knowledge and industry experience.

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    The Complete Pension Guide 2017 Services

    Our targeted approach to finding pension professionals ensures you spend less time looking, and more time planning your retirement solutions.. Our service makes searching for and selecting an advisor simple and easy.

    Appointing the right specialist pension advisor is such an important decision. Over the last few years we have assisted many clients to make this decision much easier. In 2011 we assisted over 600 people.

    By using our The Complete Pension Guide 2017 Service, clients are then better placed and more focused to tackle more important detailed pension decisions involving risk, reward, investment decisions and product selection.

    We help alleviate any concerns you may have by answering certain questions, including whether the advisor is regulated by the FSA or holds appropriate levels of PI insurance. You can then focus on the personal connection, whether you feel comfortable and confident in the advisor as an individual.

    While the advisors focus on building long term relationships, our priority is to support a simple yet profoundly effective introduction. Clients and advisors alike can now get on with what they do best, advising and deciding on effective pension strategies, while building a stronger financial future.

    Our Most Popular Pension Requests

    Finding an advisor that can help you explore your personal retirement choices, about whether to Purchase An Annuity, invest in Income Drawdown or Phased Retirement Asking questions about which will be the most beneficial and understanding the pros and cons of each before investing.

    We receive requests for pension transfer advisors that support individuals when comparing and contrasting one pension arrangement with another. This can either lead to simple internal changes to your existing arrangements or give consideration to transferring to a new pension provider.

    Requests involving Group Personal Pensions (GPPs) are normally from employers that are looking to ensure the suitability, viability and efficiency of their current arrangement. Deciding on whether to transfer Group Personal Pension requires in-depth analysis, so get expert advice.

    Finally, Self Invested Personal Pension plans (SIPPs) are becoming more popular as a flexible investment structure when planning for retirement. We receive many requests about how to transfer in to and how to get the most out of investing in a SIPP.

    For – setting up a new pension, reviewing your pension, approaching retirement, looking into auto enrolment, and buying your annuity or entering income drawdown

    Annuities: Immediate Vesting Personal Pension Plan (IVPPP) – Compulsory Purchase Annuity (CPA) – Purchased Life Annuity (PLA)

    Free online quotes available to source the products and providers with the best rates and deals.

    Income Drawdown / Unsecured Pensions

    When approaching retirement and thinking about going into income drawdown it is important to take independent financial advice.. If you take an annuity young (especially in early retirement) income may be significantly lower than if you went into Drawdown and took the annuity later. You must balance risk and reward as with all investment decisions.
    Income from drawdown is at the mercy of fund performance so it is normally best if you have other forms of income. Take advice!


    Income Drawdown

    Company Pensions, Auto Enrolment/NEST

    Company pension reform means rules is changing how employers must run their pension scheme. Auto enrolment/Nest are being phased in and mean compulsary employer contributions and that pension plans will need a default fund. The Government is shifting the responsibility for pensions from public funds to the private sector. Company pension plans will need to meet many new criteria. Non-compliance will be the result in penalties and fines.


    Auto Enrolment

    Annuity Providers and Best Retirement Annuity Incomes

    Annuities normally provide a 25% lump sum and a retirement income. Annuity providers compete on rates meaning that the best annuity quotes may provide 40% more than your pension provider is offering. Annuity Tables and calculators can help you get the best annuity. UK Annuity advice can ensure you are comparing like with like, and choosing the right type of annuity ie Immediate Vesting Personal Pension Plan (IVPPP), Compulsory Purchase Annuity (CPA), Purchased Life Annuity (PLA).



    Reviews of Pension Performance/ Transfers

    Pension fund performance depends on the growth of the funds and the amount of charges coming out. When looking at a pension transfer a financial adviser will review a forecast of what your funds should be at retirement age against like for like forecasts from other providers on the open market. Defined benefits and guarantees often mean a pension calculation of this type is irrelevant as you could be transferring guarenteed retirement income for a more risky proposition.


    Pension Transfers

    Self Investment Personal Pensions (SIPPS)

    Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPS) are pension plans that are self managed by an individual (often with backup from an IFA). They are a tax efficient pension wrapper that can purchase commerical property, overseas property, Life settlement and other investments outside the scope of personal pensions. An online platform is normally used to enable the SIPP holder to buy "their" best SIPP investments. SIPP providers must follow SIPP rules but pension pots can be invested more widely in SIPPS than most other retirement vehicles.



    New Personal Pension- Planning for Retirement

    Personal pensions are a means of retirement planning where you make pension contributions during your working life to provide you an income in retirement. Pension payments attract tax relief to encourage private retirement planning. Setting up a new pension can be very easy. Get advice from an IFA about the best pension for you and how much you should be contribution. With the state pension age rising, and the black whole in the United Kingdom public coffers it is important to take responsibility for your pension provision.


    Personal Pensions

    Pensions & Annuities

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    I had so many pension questions. To be honest I didnt even know where my company stood legally. I am now in a much better position, with the information and contacts that I need to meet my legal obligations.

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