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    Get Annuity Advice

    Annuity AdviceAnnuity advice is important. The larger your pension pot the more vital it can be because the bigger the disparity between what the different options could mean over your lifetime. A mistake most investors make is to assume that all annuities were created equal. In actual fact, with dozens of companies offering these income schemes, various rates are on offer. This does not even include the disparity in terms and conditions.

    Annuities come in all shapes and sizes with certain organizations simply offering vastly superior terms to others. Yet finding the small print eludes most consumers. This is why you should seek annuity advice before retirement.

    One area retirees often seek advice is to understand what happens to their pension when they die. Death benefits for spouses and dependents can vary massively between products and annuity providers.

    Once an annuity is purchased, you must stick with it for life. Therefore, the knowledge of an independent financial adviser should be utilised to ensure the best results. Seek annuity advice today or risk losing thousands of pounds over the course of your lifetime.