What Can I Invest In With A Sipp

What Can I Invest In With A SIPP?

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What Can I Invest In With A SIPP?

SIPPs offer so much more in terms of investment than personal pensions. You could elect to put your money in collective investment funds such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Unit Trusts and Investment Trusts. When it comes to shares, SIPPs allow you to invest in futures and options, UK Gilts and Individual UK equities. Other ways to invest in SIPPs include commercial property or land. None of the above options are available with a personal pension.

Collective Investments
Collective investments are becoming ever more popular thanks to the thousands of options it affords. You can invest in more funds than you could ever imagine with hundreds of fund managers in charge. You could choose to stick to a certain geographical area or sector in the belief that it is due to rise in value or else you could put your faith in obscure investments in parts of the world you have never heard of.

The Stock Market
Owning stock is the choice of the more daring investor and SIPPs allow you to own shares in companies from all over the world. Hundreds of fixed rate securities, futures and options are also available. Of course you do not have to invest in the stock market or any of the above choices where the value of your pension could fall as well as rise. Cautious investors may decide to keep their SIPP in cash, safe in the knowledge that their pension is protected by tax relief.

Be sure to check out the various SIPP providers as some tend to be more restrictive in terms of choice though all companies should have more than enough options to keep investors happy. It should also be noted that investments such as commercial property are exceedingly expensive. Avoid property if you are looking for a low cost investment.

Beware Market Drops
An important thing to be aware of is the aforementioned rise and fall in pension value. The nature of the stock market and the other investment options means that they are volatile and could fall in value. This means that investors should never panic and always remember that SIPPs are designed to earn a tidy profit in the long term. Once you are getting closer to retirement age, review your portfolio and ensure that the riskiest investments are removed.