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    Pre-Retirement Pension Fund Investment Options

    Pension Fund InvestmentsJust because you are not planning on retiring does not mean you should neglect to deal with your pension ahead of time. Financially speaking, sorting out your pension plans now will save you a huge amount of money. The quicker you act, the more comfortable your retirement will be.

    Instead of purchasing an annuity before you retire, look at investments which carry little or no risk. Gilts, bonds and cash are all excellent choices and will ensure that your pension pot is not hit by the volatile stock exchange in your final years before retirement. This will make sure that your fund is in safe hands and will enable you to purchase an annuity of greater value upon retirement. The only negative aspect of this plan is that you will receive no benefit if the stock market rises.

    Those who are considering the possibility of investing their pension fund throughout their retirement years do not need to be so cautious when it comes to protecting their fund immediately before retiring. It is a good idea to keep a reasonable quantity of cash in reserve so you will be able to withdraw a substantial amount of tax-free income and taxable income.

    Lifetime Allowance

    All pension holders in the UK have a lifetime allowance of £1.8 million but legislation on 9 December 2016 stated that this level would be cut to £1.5 million from 6 April 2017. Any sum of money in excess of the lifetime allowance will be taxed at 55% once you retire.

    In order to calculate your total pension fund, add the value of all your pension funds before multiplying any final salary pensions that are not yet paid by 20. Multiply all final salary pensions that have been paid by 25. Do not include any state benefits in the figure. If you are already in income drawdown, separate rules apply.

    If you purchase an annuity or are benefiting from income drawdown, U.K pension rules state that you must do a thorough check to ensure the total allowance has not been exceeded. It may be necessary to provide your annuity or pension provider with full details of your pension plans in order for them to figure out how much lifetime allowance you have left. With the new legislation in place in 2017, you must contact a financial advisor to see if the rule changes have affected you.

    Miscellaneous Rules

    You may be able to withdraw your entire pension savings in a single lump sum if the total (including pensions in payment, AVC’s and occupational pensions) is less than £18,000 (1% of the current lifetime allowance). It should be noted that the possibility only exists if you are aged between 60 and 75 with 75% of the lump sum subject to income tax. Contact your financial advisor for further details.