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What is the basic pension people get?


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What is the basic pension people get?

The basic state pension from April 2009 is £95.25 per week for a single person, or £152.30 per week for a married couple. These rates are increased from April 2016 to £97.65 and £156.15 per week, respectively.

These amounts represent the maximum basic state pension that can be achieved. The amounts are based on having a full history of qualifying national insurance payments. If you do not have the full qualifying payment history you will be eligible for a proportionate amount of the full basic pension. It can be possible to catch up on payments if you have gaps in your payment history.

There is some talk at the moment about an increase to £140 per week for all instead of the current system of means-tested and National Insurance contributions related top-ups. We will keep track of this in our news and reform sections and update this page when something concrete happens.