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    Are there sites where I can do a pension comparison online?

    A pension comparison is a far less useful activity than insurance, mortgage and many other comparisons. This is because there are so many variables that impact on pension decisions. With insurance a simple form can often tell an insurer all they need to know to process the application, whilst also pigeon holing the buyer into what they qualify for. Similarly, mortgages have more variables but the number is still finite. With pensions Financial Advisers need to be mega qualified due to the complexity of the situations they meet, and the diversity of the solutions available. The right pension depends on judgements on future circumstances, attitude to risk and other quite abstract concepts that need to be talked through and expertly assessed.

    Where pensions can be compared are in the providers and individual investment performance. There are a host of sites that look at how funds have performed over different periods of times, and how fund managers have done across their investments. These sites are often quite complex and statistic rich. We are in the process of putting together a guide to some of the pension providers so that you can compare the companies themselves. This will be up at shortly.

    When it comes to Self Invested Personal Pensions there is more room for comparison as it is often the charges that are the key decision element.