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    3 tips for before you make your pension choice

    Getting a pension is one of the biggest financial choices that you will make. It is in essence a monthly expense that you will not see the benefit of for many years. Very few of us have so much money that we will not miss 10% + of our income, and it is always tempting to put off saving. To mitigate this temptation you need to be confident that your money is in the right place and is performing sufficiently well to off-set the short-term discomfort investing your hard-earned cash may cause. Three main things will help with this and help you feel positive about your pension investment.

    1) Get an IFA that you trust

    For most an Independent Financial Adviser is the best interface with the financial world. They will have the knowledge and access that they need to be able to invest your money wisely. You should speak through about your feelings about investment and ensure that your IFA does his research for you based on what you want. Good IFA’s have mechanisms to help speak through your attitudes to investment and risk as getting the balance right will be an important factor in you seeing your pension as a positive investment rather than a drain.

    2) Work out what you can afford

    Do a thorough budget plan and assess how your income is likely to change in the future. Pension payments are normally flexible to your situation but make sure you are not over committing and causing financial strain in other areas.

    3) Ensure you are going to get regular reviews

    Recent years, as much as any, have shown how unpredictable the markets and investments have been. “Safe as houses” is not such a valid investment maxim as it used to be, and thousands of pension funds are in deficit following poor investment performances and rising insurance commitments. It is important to negotiate terms of your financial review with your IFA to ensure that investments are kept relevant to the economic climate, and diversity is maintained.

    These three measures should help you to be excited about your pension and help you be in a position to make the right choice. When you know you have made the right choice you are more likely to keep your commitment to your retirement lifestyle rather than stopping your investment when you feel the pinch.