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    Annuity Rates Calculator

    Annuity Rates CalculatorAn annuity rates calculator is one of the most important tools when it comes to securing a comfortable retirement.

    Calculating The Best Provider
    Annuities are the standard purchase for any individual with pension savings. Guaranteed rate annuities are considered to be the easiest and safest way to invest. Certainly, in light of the stock market’s volatility, fixed rate annuities are safe in comparison and relatively uncomplicated. However, as annuity rates are calculated on interest rates, the current economic recession has caused chaos in relation to these rates. Suddenly, what seemed like a good investment is now plagued by companies offering a miniscule return on investment. It is necessary to use an annuity rates calculator to find a decent percentage amongst the meagre offerings.

    Using an annuity rates calculator is a simple process and there are dozens of reasonably accurate examples online. Enter pertinent data and click to find the best rates in the UK. For example, a 54 year old male in good health with a £200,000 annuity that is guaranteed for 5 years minus escalation rates will earn £10,288 a year from AEGON. An IFA will use the best annuity rates calculator and will be able to provide you with your list of the top 5 annuity providers.

    Looking Beyond Rates
    However, although an annuity rates calculator is a good start, it is not the be all and end all when it comes to choosing a company. Once you pick an annuity, you are stuck with it for life so it is important to cover all angles. For example, a calculator cannot show you the different fees charged by annuity providers. With an independent financial advisor, you can be sure that everything relating to each company will be pored over with a fine tooth comb by a professional. An advisor will show that there is more to annuities than rates. Enter your details on the form to get in touch with an independent financial advisor who will help you make the right annuity decision.