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Income Drawdown

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  • Income Drawdown


    Income Drawdown ASP can be risky!

    Income Drawdown & ASP can be risky!“>

    Below is a hypothetical scenario which shows how easy it is to lose your pension fund when investing in an ASP or income drawdown. An Income Drawdown Scenario A man enters retirement age at 65 and elects to go into drawdown with his healthy £300,000 pension pot. His decides to take his maximum allowance each year

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    Glossary of Income Drawdown Terms

    Glossary of Income Drawdown Terms“>

    Annuitant: Another way of describing an individual who had taken out an annuity. Benefit Crystallisation Event: This is an umbrella term which could apply to several different situations once you take benefits. For example, if you move money into a drawdown account, these funds plus tax-free cash taken will be set against the lifetime allowance

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    Income Drawdown Advice And Review

    Income Drawdown Advice And Review“>

    The purpose of these income draawdown articles is to give you as much information as possible but you must make your own decisions. Independent pension specialists are available to offer professional advice. It is important to utilise their skills because your pension may well be your biggest ever asset and it certainly affects the rest of

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