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Auto Enrolment

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    The Pension Act 2008 introduced legislation that required employers to enrol employees into an occupational pension arrangement automatically. At the same time, both employers and employees will be required to make pension contributions of at least 8% of salary, with at least 3% coming from the employer. Both these requirements will be gradually introduced from

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    The introduction of auto-enrolment

    The introduction of auto-enrolment“>

    Currently, many workers do not join their employer’s pension scheme and so miss out on valuable pension benefits. Auto-enrolment of staff is designed to overcome this problem. Under current legislation auto-enrolment in occupational pensions will be introduced in October 2017. The new rules require employers to auto-enrol all employees earning more than £5,000 per annum

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    Government’s plans for occupational pension reform

    The pension landscape in the UK is facing a crisis people are living longer, but too many people are not saving adequately for their retirement.  In particular, individuals on low-to-moderate incomes are not putting enough money aside for their retirement years. To encourage more of us to save for retirement the Government is changing

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    Employer Group Scheme

    With the coming of auto-enrolment many employers are not sure about what their responsibilities are. We have partnered with financial advisory firms who can explain the ins and outs of the law, describe what your responsibilities are (and will be come 2017), and give you advice as to how to manage your responsibilities to the

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