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Frozen Pension Release

Saving money in a pension is a sensible option for your financial future and in an ideal world we’d all put away cash until retirement. But what if your pension pot isn’t performing as you’d hoped – or you have more pressing money issues that need resolving right now? In either of these cases you might choose pension release using your possible frozen pension as an option for your investment.

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Why choose pension release?

We’ve touched upon a couple of the reasons for choosing the above – if you require fast access to cash, or plan on reinvesting your money in a more lucrative field. However, in reality pension release could be an option in a whole range of circumstances, including where schemes have fees and charges that are too high and you could pay less by re-investing elsewhere.

If you have a frozen pension you might choose to release the cash – especially if this is a relatively small pot, which won’t make much of an impact on your retirement income. A frozen pension usually relates to a company pension into which you and your employer are no longer contributing. This situation is common and tends to occur when you move on from a workplace and leave the pension behind.

Releasing your Frozen Pension

In today’s difficult economic climate, releasing cash from a frozen pension is a relatively common option for people looking to access money. You might need a lump sum for necessary home improvements, or just to help you through hard times.

The benefit of releasing money from a frozen pension is that the cash doesn’t come with expensive interest rates like loans and credit cards do. However, you should always bear in mind that your pension income in later life will be affected if you withdraw money now.

Releasing money from a Frozen Pension – particularly if it is a relatively small pot and you are paying into another fund – may offer the cash influx you need right now.

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Frozen pension release

Do you have a Frozen Pension?

If you’ve ever paid into a company pension scheme then moved on to a new workplace, chances are your pension has been “frozen”. Typically, the term frozen pension refers to pensions investments which are no longer being contributed to, either by you or your employer.

The problem with a frozen pension is that lots of people don’t realise they have options. In fact some people forget about these investments altogether. If you’re unsure of how to proceed, we can help with the following:

• Finding out if you have a frozen pension
• Offering advice
• Re-investing your cash
• Frozen pension release

Accessing your frozen pension

If you have moved on from the company where your pension was set up, even locating your investment can be overwhelming. Usually, you’ll have paperwork relating to the pension scheme, which will allow you to track it down.

It is important you don’t disregard your pension, as even a small pot could contribute to your future income. In some circumstances it is even possible to access the cash before the usual age of retirement – ideal if you require a lump sum now and don’t want to take on expensive loans and credit cards.

It’s your money

Remember, your pension pot is money you’ve worked hard to earn so don’t forget about it. Even if you are unsure whether or not you have a frozen pension, speak to one of our expert advisers. We’ll help you to determine the existence of your investment, and provide advice about how you can use the cash in your unique personal circumstances.

You might choose to re-invest the money; you might to withdraw it. Whatever you do, make sure it is working hard to give you the best return.

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